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Dietrich Kracht


15. March 1944 at Kolberg/Ostsee.




Maritial Status:

Divorced, two children.


Dipl.-Mathematiker, Uni Hamburg 1970.


Project Management, Internet/E-Business, IT-Architectures, Knowledge Management, Software Engineering.


German, English, Latin, French.


Bundesstrasse 82, 20144 Hamburg, Germany.


+49 (40) 4910848, +49 (172) 4010729,

Curriculum Vitae

Mar 1944

Born at Kolberg/Ostsee, Germany.

Mar 1963

Abitur, Leibniz-Gymnasium in Bremen.

Jan 1970

Dipl.-Mathematiker, Uni Hamburg.

Jan 1970 - Jun 1970

Kl�ckner-Werke AG, Bremen

Quality Engineering, Controlling, Planning.

Jul 1970 - Sep 1972

IBM R&D Lab, B�blingen

IBM Systems Programmer

Oct 1972 - Sep 1980

GMO Software Engineering Departement

Sales support, development and performance of  trainings.

Chief Developer of GMO's project management software package

Aircraft Mnfg, Hamburg: Software development: Air Spares

Building Society, Hamburg: Software development: account statements

Engineering, Frankfurt: Optimization of project planning for the Basra Airport

Oct 1980 - Jul 1986

SYSWARE, Subsidary of GMO for Software Enginneering

Technical Director

Chemical/Pharma, Frankfurt: Development of a software engineering framework for a heterogenious environment.

Iron and Steel, Saudi Arabia: Development of a Software Engineering Framework.

Aug 1986 - May 1991


Head of Strategic Planning

Aircraft Mnfg, Bremen: Design and implemetation of a DB2 (SQL) based information system for tooling.

Brewery, Hamburg: Data model for a Management Information System in Sales.

Airline, Hamburg: Project manager Revenue Accounting (50 staff, 20 months).

May 1991 - May 1993

AD/Vice (a joint venture of GMO and IBM)

Head of the Hamburg branch office

Life Insurance, Wiesbaden: Strategic Information Planning

Banking, Vienna: Quality Management Review

Banking, Frankfurt: Review and re-launch of a fixed price project (DEM 40m) originally given to a competitor.

Nutrition, Bremen: Strategic Information Planning.

Finance, Hamburg: Application architecture and software evaluation while migrating from Unisys to IBM.

Jun 1993 - Feb 1995

GMO Professional Services

Catholic Pension Fund, Cologne: Temporal management of a department in the course of a re-alignment of IT.

Mar 1995 - May 2000

GMO Headquarters

Head of IT and Knowledge management

Design and implementation of a corporate-wide e-mail system.

First web master of

As IT manager in charge of requirements analysis, invitation for tenders, and implementation of GMO�s Wide Area Network as a VPN.

Assistant to the general manager in building up consulting as a new line of business, subsequently "GMO Consulting GmbH".

Assistant to the general manager in the process of beeing aquired.

Editor of the 8th and 9th edition of the book "GMO LEXIKON"

Jun 2000 - present

GMO Consulting GmbH

Skills Summary


Project Management, IT Architecture, Software Engineering, Knowledge Management, Internet/E-Business.


RUP, UML, Business Modelling, SSADM, V-Model, Team Syndication, Mind Mapping.


MS Project, PMW, Rational Rose,Sybase PowerDesigner, Dreamweaver, NetObjects, IEW/ADW, LBMS Systems Engineer, Lotus Domino.

Data Base Systems:

DB2, Oracle, MS SQL Server, MS Access, MySQL.


Java, JSP, XML, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Visual Basic, PL/I, Cobol, APL.


PC/Windows, Linux/Unix, System/390, BS2000.


Windows NT, TCP/IP.

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